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Lamoni Wheels Offers Transportation

June 19, 2024

Guidelines for Volunteer Drivers’ Service

o    The driver needs to know that insurance coverage is with the driver’s vehicle (i.e., Lamoni Wheels will not carry insurance coverage.). 

o    The rider is required to sign a “Release” agreement for any injuries sustained while an occupant of a safely driven vehicle.

o    The rider needs to always call Lamoni Wheel’s at 641 289 0811 (Monday-Thursday, 10:00-12:00 noon) if she/he needs a ride (rather than calling a driver directly). 

o    The intake person will ask the rider for his/her desired destination, an estimate on duration of the ride, name, phone number and address to give to the driver. Destination can be no further away than Kansas City or Des Moines.

o    The intake person will call one of the drivers on the volunteer list (Lamoni police has run a background check on all drivers); the driver has the right to refuse. When that happens, the intake person will call another driver on the list, etc..

o    The driver will drive in daylight hours only except in Lamoni, unless the rider and driver make special arrangements otherwise.

o    Riders agree to no smoking, weapons, or drugs while being transported.

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