Pictured from Left to Right: Mary Anne Martin, Amber Sistoza, Jeremy Suyeyoshi, Holden Awong, Ben Miller, Stephanie Remmenga, Abby Martin, Ben Landers

In January, seven teams of community volleyball players gathered together for the Lamoni Volleyball League. Matches were held every Sunday afternoon in the Lamoni High School Gym. After seven weeks of league play, all the teams were much improved and came together for a final tournament on Sunday, March 9th.

There was a small, unexpected turn in the first round of the tournament when the number five seed, Team Barbour, knocked out the number three seed, Team Eason. But the Barbour Team didn’t hold on and was taken down by the number four seed, Team Martin. Another surprise came when Team Martin eventually took down Team Mesle, the number two seed, in the semi-finals.

In the end the Remmenga Team, defended their championship title from 2013 and their number one seed by beating Team Martin in the finals, 2-1. Congratulations to team manager, Stephanie Remmenga for putting together another winning team.

A big thank you to Subway, Lamoni Community Schools, Lamoni HyVee, and Jim’s T-shirt and Trophy for making this all possible. Thank you to all the talented Lamoni players for participating in this league. I am very proud of how well all the teams get along, take care of the equipment, and help out with the set-up, scorekeeping and line judging.

If you are interested in being a team manager or playing on a team in this league next year, please contact the Lamoni Community Center at 641-784-6742 for more information. Adult Co-ed Volleyball Registration is usually held in December every year, and league play extends from early January to mid-March.




Registration is now closed.  Thank you for your submissions.

Games will start January 12th.  This league plays on Sunday afternoons.  We do not officiate our games, but everyone is expected to follow the rules.  Each team will be expected to provide volunteer officials to watch lines and keep track of scores for the tournament at the end of the season.




League Rules

  • SET-UP

If your team plays in the first time slot for the day, please plan to arrive early enough to help with set-up.  Volleyball equipment (balls, nets, poles, pads, etc.) is located in the closet across from the SE gym door.  If the floor is dirty, there are two dust mops in the SW corner of the gym.


Games must end no later then 6:50 p.m. to allow 10 minutes for clean-up. Community basketball league starts at 7 p.m., so we must be out of the way by then.

Please send me an email or a text with the results of your games–just the number of wins, scores are not necessary.  I will use this to determine the seeding for the tournament:

Amanda Edsall
Recreation and Community Center Director,
City of Lamoni